Drainage technology for parking levels and underground car parks

Consulting, sales, production and installation

Drainage systems made of stainless steel for multi-storey car parks.

The concrete areas in multi-storey car parks and under-ground car parks/garages are exposed to extremely high strains from chlorides due to the bringing in of road de-icing salt: In order to guarantee permanent protection for the reinforcement in these areas special requirements apply to the building materials to be used. This concerns not only the thickness and quality of the concrete or the surface coating but also the condition and quality of all of the installation parts. As the drainage systems are likewise exposed constantly to this extreme strain we recommend the use of stainless steel V4A (materials 1.4571 or 1.4404) in order to achieve
sustainable protection of the reinforcement steel. The design of the drainage systems to the hydraulic requirement of the surfaces to be drained ensures fast and reliable draining. Due to the selection of the right material thicknesses for the different loads occurring we can always offer you the right trough for your application. By the use of different trough profiles we offer you the possibility of permanently connecting different sealing and/or coating systems securely to the stainless steel troughs.

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