Drainage technology for facades and open spaces

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Glass is the most commonly used material for architectural designs on many building facades in public spaces. Because of its smooth surface, this means that large water volumes can quickly flow down the facade. The generated water volume needs to be quickly and reliably channeled away from the building skin. The Type F MVH facade channel is the ideal water drainage system for this application, since it has a very large inlet cross-section and is therefore able to quickly absorb large water volumes. Laterally installed water drainage slots on the surface side promptly discharge the water to the 2nd water drainage level. At the same time, this also prevents waterlogging on the facade side. Alternatively, the channel can also be
supplied without water drainage slots, e.g. as a closed channel system. This solution then routes the generated water through pre-defined water drainage outlets. In addition to the hydraulic requirements, our channel also meets demanding design expectations. The visually appealing concealment options, such as square or diamond perforated covers also provide the option of using a functional building component as a design element. Custom solutions such as radial channels and covers ideally conform to the shape of the facade, e.g. in front of revolving doors. In residential applications, the step specified by DIN 18195-4, 6.1.1 can be reduced from 150 m to 50 mm by installing the Type F MVH facade channel in front of your terrace or balcony door.

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